What is GM World?

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GM World Location, Price and Concept

If you’re a big GM fan and are heading to Detroit, you may have heard of a place called “GM World.” Such a phrase may conjure up images of a futuristic utopia theme park that radiates all things GM. Or maybe that’s just us. Still, one may ask the question: what is GM World?

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GM World is, at its basic level, a selection of General Motors vehicles displayed for the public on the ground floor showroom of the Detroit Renaissance Center. The center, also known as the GMRENCEN, is an iconic structure in downtown Detroit that serves as General Motors’s world headquarters. While GM World is a cool place to check out if you’re already visiting (and possibly touring) the GMRENCEN anyway, don’t expect a huge, exciting theme park of any kind.

GM World isn’t that big. But GM is. 

How much does admission to GM World cost?

Admission to GM World is free; there may, however, be a fee for groups.

What is the philosophy behind GM World?

GM World aims to provide a year-round auto show experience for visitors by allowing them to get up-close and personal with the vehicles on display. Product specialists are also on hand to answer questions.

GM Renaissance CenterWhat vehicles are displayed at GM World?

GM World features a curated display that rotates throughout the year.

As of this writing, the current theme is dubbed “General Motors: Inspired by our past, committed to our future.” This display focuses on key modern and vintage GM vehicles. It emphasizes themes of electrification, innovation, technology and design.

Where is GM World located?

GM World is located in the lower-level showroom floor of the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit. The GMRENCEN is one of Michigan’s most famous landmarks.

GM owns the RENCEN. But who owns GM?

What else can I do at the GMRENCEN?

A tour of the GMRENCEN is also available for no charge (excepting group fees). The tour grants even deeper insight into GM history and the current GM World displays.

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