How big is General Motors?

GM Size Figures and Facts

Two celestial hands ponder the size of the abstract entity that is GM.

General Motors is considered one of the largest leading car brands in the United States. But what exactly does that mean? What makes General Motors so “big,” and how “big” are they? Read on to infuse your brain with some key GM bigness measurements.

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How big are GM’s profits?

In its 2019 fiscal year, GM generated 137 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

How big GM’s sales figures?

GM sold around 7.7 million vehicles under its various brands in 2019.

How big is the General Motors workforce?

General Motors is currently reported to have 164,000 employees.

How big is GM’s R&D bill?

In 2019, GM spent 6.8 billion USD on research and development.

How big is the CEO of General Motors?

Mary Barra is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighs about 132 pounds.

How big is GM’s production range?

GM manufactures its vehicles in a total of fifteen different countries.

How big is the core GM lineup?

The core GM lineup is pretty darn big, consisting of four of the most iconic American automobile brands:  Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

What’s the “biggest” (i.e., most successful) GM brand?

Chevrolet is the most successful brand owned by General Motors.

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How big is GM’s carbon footprint?

GM is aiming for a very small carbon footprint (non-existent, in fact) by the year 2030.

Several buildings of the Detroit Renaissance Center stretch toward the heavens.How big is GM’s headquarters?

The headquarters of General Motors is located at the Detroit Renaissance Center, also known as the GM Rennaissance Center (and nicknamed the GMRenCen). This compound consists of seven interconnected skyscrapers in downtown Detroit.

The central tower of the RenCen is the third tallest all-hotel skyscraper in the western hemisphere, and has enjoyed the honor of being the tallest building in Michigan since its construction in 1977. It’s 73 stories and 727 feet tall.

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