How tough is the Chevy Silverado?

A police car sits parked by the side of the road.

Impressive Chevy Silverado Police Chase Durability

Automakers often tout their vehicles as tough; this is especially true in the pick-up realm. But seldom do we get to see models pushed to their limits. Speed limits and other laws, as well as general common sense, tend to stand in the way of us truly getting to see how far our truck can go before breaking down. Instead, we have to wait years to see how it holds up over time.

One area where we can get a visceral glimpse of how much a modern vehicle can withstand, however, is in a police chase. Two recent police chases involved Chevy Silverado models. How did the truck hold up?

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Chevy Silverado Rollover Durability

This first chase we’ll look at was a thankfully short pursuit. The driver of a Chevy Silverado broke a traffic law in an area that was being monitored for drug activity. The driver refused to pull over for police.

The Silverado was spun out by a police cruiser on the highway, which resulted in the truck hitting the center highway barrier and completely rolling over. In a stunning twist, however, the truck landed on its wheels and was able to continue driving. The passenger side of the cab was slightly dented in on top, while the driver side of the cab remained relatively intact.

Their escape may have fared better if their Silverado were equipped with the Z71 Off-Road Package. 

The truck was going significantly slower after the roll, but this made it even better able to endure further hits from cruisers. As it became clear there was no escape in sight, however, the driver pulled over and he and his passenger surrendered peacefully to the police. No one was injured, a fact partially attributable to the excellent craftsmanship and safety standards of the Chevrolet Silverado.

Chevy Silverado Collision Strength and Endurance

The second chase involves a stolen Chevy Silverado and lasted for over an hour. Throughout, the comment section of the livestream from a local news station was flush with viewers joking (or maybe not joking) about how they were heading straight to their local Chevy dealership after seeing this chase.

Though everyone was waiting for the chase to end and hoping for a peaceful conclusion, the Silverado just kept going, even after having taken a heavy beating from multiple angles. At one point it got into a head-on collision with a Nissan Altima on the highway, and simply drove off afterwards with minimal damage. The driver even managed to pull off some admittedly impressive maneuvers to avoid capture, including using a Hollywood-esque 180-degree handbrake turn to barely avoid a spike strip.

Not only is the Silverado a great work truck (and getaway vehicle), but it’s also an underrated commuter. 

At one point, the driver of another Silverado attempted to box the only stolen vehicle in. Perhaps the only ride that can stand up to a Silverado is… another Silverado? This worked for a time, but eventually the stolen vehicle managed to squeeze through a gap. A tire failed shortly thereafter, leaving the rear left wheel rolling on only its rim, emitting a steady stream of sparks as it gradually wore down to the nub. This rim, however, held up for far longer than commentators expected.

Eventually the chase wound down and the suspects were apprehended after trying to make a run for it. Such endings go to show that you’re better off not trying to make a run from the police, no matter what you’re driving. While we do admittedly admire these suspects’ choice of vehicle, we are not fans of (and in no way condone) their life choices.