How do GMC rear-seat media systems work?

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GMC rear-seat media system explanation and guide 

How do GMC rear-seat media systems work? Watch the video or read below to learn about rear-seat entertainment systems. You can find the latest GMC vehicles here at Carl Black Orlando in Orlando, FL. 

How to Use Your Available Rear-Seat Media System | GMC video 

Steps to using the GMC rear-seat entertainment system 

In case you’ve missed any of the steps in the video above, we’ve transcribed them for you here. Using your rear-seat media system is so simple your kids can learn to set it up. Just follow along with the video or the following steps.  

  1. Plug in any external devices such as game consoles or streaming media using the HDMI ports on the center console between the driver and front passenger seats.  
  2. To turn the system on, tap on the touchscreen twice. 
  3. Choose the source that your device is plugged into. Alternatively, you can use an app for entertainment. 
  4. That’s all there is to it.  

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What are the benefits of a GMC rear-seat media system? 

If you’re looking for a way to keep your rear-seat passengers occupied, you can’t do much better than the GMC rear-seat media system. While other vehicles may offer similar systems, the GMC one comes with a few key benefits. Check it out. 

  • The app options can be controlled through the front display screen, making it easy for parents to monitor what their kids are watching. 
  • The system comes with wireless headphones that are easy to use, so the rest of the car doesn’t need to listen in. 
  • The two rear screens can play two separate things, which is well suited to kids who don’t want to watch the same thing. 

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