Are there benefits for hybrid/electric vehicles in Florida?

A woman wonders symbolically if hybrid and electric vehicles make money fall into outstretched hands.

Hybrid and Electric Tax Benefits in the Sunshine State

Driving electric and hybrid vehicles is helpful to the environment. Because of this, some states offer special tax incentives to drivers of hybrid and electric vehicles. What benefits are there for hybrid/electric drivers in the Sunshine State?

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Florida currently offers no special tax benefits for electric vehicles directly. The state does offer incentives for businesses and residents to install Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, which should continue to make the area consistently more palatable for those who drive alternative-fuel machines. Besides this, hybrid/EV drivers will have to be content with tax benefits from the federal government and the multitude of other benefits that these vehicles inherently hold.

Chevrolet BoltDo electric and hybrid vehicles have to pay tolls in Florida?

Yes. In the past, hybrid and electric vehicles could ride for free on the expressways and ignore toll booths. However, that benefit ended in 2017.

If you find yourself in the Orlando area, remember to mind the gators.

What are the inherent benefits of electric vehicles?

The primary benefit of electric vehicles is the cost to drive. According to, it costs about half as much to drive an electric vehicle in Florida as one that runs on gas. Maintenance costs less too, as fewer moving parts mean lower service costs. The lack of an engine also means there’s no engine noise. The batteries do, however, require periodic replacement.

Is range anxiety still a problem with electric vehicles?

Some drivers worry that their electric batteries would die before they could find a station to refill them. This is known as “range anxiety.” While charging stations are still certainly less common than traditional gas stations, the number of charging spots in Florida is continually increasing, and expected to take off more drastically in the near future.

If you’re bugged by range anxiety, look into a hybrid model instead. Hybrids charge their battery while driving, and run partially on gasoline. This means that if you do find yourself out of range of a charging spot, you can operate on gasoline until you do find the opportunity to juice up electrically again.

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