Which used vehicles at Carl Black Orlando hold their value the longest?

Blue Toyota Tacoma kicks up sand

An oft-repeated truism surrounding new cars is the fact that they lose 50% of their value as soon as the buyer drives them off the dealership lot. While vehicles do indeed lose a lot of their value over time, the amount they lose can vary quite a bit. According to a recent report by iSeeCars.com, some vehicles lost as much as 70% of their value over five years, while others lost just 30%.

One benefit of buying a used car is that it’s already experienced that initial value-dive, so it won’t drop so drastically so soon. It’s still desirable, however, to have a used car retain as much of its value as possible so that it can be traded in for a good price when the time comes.

Here at Carl Black Orlando, we boast an extensive selection of pre-owned rides. Which of them tend to hold their value the longest?

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Top Value-Holding Used Vehicles at Carl Black Orlando

The vehicles in our current used inventory most likely to retain their value are the Toyota Tundra, Toyota Tacoma, and Jeep Wrangler Limited. Our analysis is based on the iSeeCars study referenced above. Join us as we take a closer look at the depreciation rates (and our selection) of these admirably enduring models below!

Toyota Tundra

The average five-year value depreciation of a Toyota Tundra is 37%. In dollars, that’s $17,020.

As of this writing, we’ve got two mighty fine Toyota Tundra models in our used inventory: a 2019 and a 2014 Tundra 4WD SR5.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

In the study mentioned above, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited had an average five-year depreciation rate of just 30.9%. In dollars, this would come out to $12,168. The standard Wrangler model also does a great job of holding value, with an average five-year depreciation of 32.8% (or $10,824).

At the time of writing, we have a grand total of four different Jeep Wrangler Unlimited models in our inventory. Three are the Sport 4WD trim, while one is a Rubicon boasting both Navigation and 4WD.

Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma, for its part, achieved an average five-year depreciation of 32.4%. In dollars, this comes out to $12,168.

Currently, we’re lucky enough to have three Toyota Tacoma models in our inventory. Customers will find a 2014 SR5 4WD, a 2019 2WD SR5 (in a sleek tan color), and a 2017 TRD Off Road model (for those with an adventurous side).

Red Jeep Wrangler Unlimited ambles over a bridge