Where can I take my EV for maintenance in Orlando, FL?

Man with facemask charges his red Chevy Bolt

Electric Vehicle Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Electric vehicles take a lot less work to maintain than a conventionally powered electric vehicle, but that doesn’t mean they need no maintenance whatsoever. If you’re driving an electric vehicle throughout the Orlando region, you’re likely loving the sensation of freedom from many of the traditional maintenance requirements that a combustion-powered model would be saddled with.

However, a time will still come when your EV does need some work done to keep it running at the top of its electrified game. At such moments, the thought probably pops into your head: where can I find a place to get my electric vehicle serviced in the vicinity of central Florida?

If the time has come for your EV to get some work done in central Florida, bring it in to our trained and certified team here at Carl Black Orlando! Our gang of mechanics is aching to get to work on your electric vehicle. We strive to offer competitive prices and top-tier quality on all service procedures, including those required by EVs.

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Why do electric vehicles require less service than conventional gas-powered vehicles?

Man sticks a plug into a red 2020 Chevy Bolt charging port

Electric vehicles take a lot less to maintain than gas-powered vehicles because they simply have far fewer moving parts. Moving parts are the elements that tend to get worn down and need to be checked on, replaced, and kept lubricated. When you go electric, you won’t have worry about tune-ups, oil changes, coolant flushes, or transmission service. There’s no air filter, spark plugs, or drive belts to worry about replacing, either.

As a result, electric vehicles require significantly lower long-term maintenance costs than internal-combustion-powered machines. This, along with fuel savings, help to offset the initial purchase costs of an EV, which tend to be higher.

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