Where can I take my car in for service and get a ride in a courtesy shuttle in Orlando?

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Car Dealership with Courtesy Shuttle for Repairs in Orlando, FL

Service at a dealership can take a sizeable chunk of time. While it can be fun to sit in the waiting room area and relax, drinking free coffee and perhaps reading a compilation of stories by H.P. Lovecraft, not everyone has time to do this. On top of that, sometimes a vehicle needs to be dropped off for days or weeks before the service center can get the parts they need to do the work. Most people would prefer not to spend weeks in the dealership’s waiting area, even with the free wi-fi.

Due to the above, it helps to find a service center that also gives its customers access to a free shuttle to take them where they need to go once they relinquish their primary mode of transportation. Where can such a place be found in central Florida?

Here at Carl Black Orlando, we’re happy to announce that we do offer free courtesy shuttle transportation for service customers. Wherever you need to go (within reason), our drivers will be happy to take you there while your vehicle gets the attention it needs.

Can I get a loaner while my vehicle is in for service?

In addition to the courtesy shuttle, we might be able to provide a loaner vehicle for longer procedures, although please keep in mind that we have a limited number of loaners and it’s unnervingly common for all of them to be loaned out. If you’ll require a loaner vehicle, please contact us in advance and inquire as to whether we currently have any to provide.

About the Carl Black Orlando Service Center

Our service center prioritizes delivering high-quality, efficient service courtesy of our maintenance team. We make sure to offer competitive prices on popular procedures such as oil changes, brakes, and tires, but we perform service on far more than that. Though we’re a certified GM service center, we will be happy to provide service to all makes and models of vehicle.

Are there any special service offers right now?

If you’re interested in servicing here at Carl Black, be sure to check out our current offers page. We often have very handy special coupons online that can be utilized to get rebates, discounts and more on popular services (and occasionally on those not-so-popular ones too).

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