Where can I find wholesale/auction-ready vehicles in the Orlando area?

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Wholesale/Auction-Ready Models in Central Florida

Sometimes, vehicles are auctioned rather than sold. Where can one find vehicles ready for this purpose in Orlando?

View Our Auction Ready Vehicles!

We have a collection of auction-ready vehicles right here at Carl Black Orlando. These rides come in a range of makes and models. Feel free to check them out via the link above and see which is right for you!

An auctioneer blissfully auctions off a red car next to a large magical gavelWhere can the public buy vehicles on auction?

Different types of auctions exist for vehicles. Public auctions are, as the name suggests, open to the public and used to sell cars that may have been repossessed. Such vehicles are used but often boast little to no issues, though some may have been rebuilt due to damage.

It should be noted that auction houses provide no guarantees on the vehicles being auctioned or the information they provide; cars are sold “as is.” All bids and offers are final and binding. If one wins a bid, or an offer is accepted, the purchase must be completed. If you don’t, you’ll face penalties.

It may also be worth checking out our current specials on used cars. 

How is a vehicle’s auction value determined?

The two main factors that determine a vehicle’s auction value are age and condition. Vehicles on auction are priced based on whether their condition is determined to be average, above average or below average. Vehicles depreciate as they age, so older vehicles are worth less, even if their condition is pristine.

Why are some cars sold at auction?

A car auction can be an affordable means for customers to buy vehicles, while dealerships are able to recoup some money lost.

Cars may be auctioned for a variety of reasons: they may have stayed too long on the dealer’s lot, or the original owners may have been unable to meet payments, resulting in a repossession. Private owners may be putting their vehicle up for auction in exchange for another one, or insurance companies may be auctioning off a vehicle that was damaged by weather conditions or an accident.

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