Where can I find used trucks in Orlando, FL?

2020 GMC Sierra in black color parked outside somewhere

Sometimes, you need to get a big job done, and there’s only one machine for the task: a pickup. These oddly shaped vehicles are certainly convenient to own, coming in especially handy when you need to transport or tow something.

But new pickup trucks can be expensive, these days more than ever. Buying used is a wise way to keep the wallet feeling nice and healthy. Where can one track down a pre-owned truck for purchase in the region of central Florida?

Pre-Owned Pickup Trucks at Carl Black Orlando

Front face of a red 2017 RAM 1500

Here at Carl Black Orlando, we boast a wide-ranging selection of pickup models within our extensive pre-owned inventory. Specimen hail from a multitude of leading truck brands, so wherever your loyalties lie (and we know pickup loyalties run deep), you’ll likely be able to find the machine for you at CBO. Oh, and we almost forgot: we sell them at great prices to boot.

View Our Used Pickup Inventory

Brands found in our used pickup selection include timeless favorites like Chevy, Ford, GMC, Ram and Toyota. Models date from a variety of years, stretching back from nearly a decade old all the way up to rides from the current year. Some machines have nearly 150k miles on them, while others have less than 5k.

They’re outfitted in many different ways and to many different degrees, and price points correspond to this: some are less than $20,000, while others are more than $60,000. Thanks to this delightful variety, we believe every customer will be able to find the perfect truck for their needs.

Save even more by checking out our ever-changing used vehicle specials!

Remote Test Drives and Home Delivery of Used Vehicles in Orlando, FL

For optimal convenience, we encourage customers to take advantage of our remote test drive and home delivery options. The full shopping experience can be performed through the convenience of our website. Though you might be nervous at first, we think customers will be pleasantly surprised by how easy and effective shopping for a car online is.

Our entire pre-owned inventory can be sorted through with ease utilizing the filtering tools on our website. Customers can choose to sort by desired features, including fuel type, color, make, model, mileage and more.

Flexible Financing for Used Vehicles in Central Florida

We believe in helping every customer make their automotive dreams a reality. That’s why we provide a delightful financing department to fulfill all your financing needs. Our team will provide assistance with all your auto loan and lease desires.

Sometimes, used vehicles are even leased. Not many people know this, so ask about it if you’re interested! We can’t guarantee anything, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.