What type of maintenance do electric vehicles need?

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Routine care and maintenance schedule for electric cars 

As the automotive industry evolves, so does the way we maintain our vehicles. Below, we discuss the type of maintenance electric vehicles (EVs) need, followed by a brief video. Find out more about EVs at Carl Black Orlando, your car dealership in Orlando, FL. 

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Eight routine vehicle checks to keep your electric vehicle running 

With routine inspections, battery monitoring, and other essential maintenance tasks, we help your electric vehicle run optimally for years to come. Make the switch to an EV and simplify your maintenance needs today. 

  1. Tire Inspections and Rotations: Regularly checking tire pressure and rotating tires ensures even wear. 
  2. Brake System Check: Inspecting brake pads, calipers, and rotors helps maintain efficient braking performance. 
  3. Battery Health Monitoring: Monitoring and maintaining optimal battery performance is crucial for EVs. 
  4. Cabin Air Filter Replacement: Regularly changing the cabin air filter enhances air quality inside the vehicle. 
  5. Wiper Blade Replacement: Periodic replacement of wiper blades guarantees clear visibility during inclement weather. 
  6. Electrical System Inspection: Checking the electrical system safeguards against potential issues and malfunctions. 
  7. Suspension and Steering Component Check: Inspecting and maintaining suspension and steering components keeps your ride smooth. 
  8. Software Updates: Keeping your vehicle’s software updated improves performance and adds new features. 

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Four services you won’t need in an electric vehicle 

Maintaining an electric vehicle requires a different approach compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles. By switching to an electric vehicle, you free yourself from certain maintenance tasks associated with traditional gas-powered vehicles: 

  • Oil Changes: EVs don’t rely on internal combustion engines, eliminating the need for oil changes. 
  • Spark Plug Replacements: Without spark plugs, EVs do not require periodic replacements. 
  • Muffler Maintenance: EVs produce minimal noise, eliminating the need for muffler maintenance. 
  • Engine Component Servicing: Since EVs lack complex engine components, you won’t need to service them. 

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EV Maintenance Overview | Chevrolet video 

At Carl Black Orlando, we understand the unique needs of EV owners. Visit us in Orlando, FL, to get your EV serviced. Check out this quick video to learn more. 

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