What is a GMC “Jimmy,” and why is it called a “Jimmy?”

September 10th, 2020 by

A mirage of a vehicle that may be the mysterious GMC Jimmy appears in the night sky

GMC Jimmy Model and Name Origins

You may have heard of a near-mythical seeming model called the GMC Jimmy. Could this actually be the real name of a GMC vehicle? What exactly is (or was) the GMC Jimmy?

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Following the release of the Chevy Blazer in 1969, GMC introduced their own upscale version of the model in 1970. Its name? The GMC Jimmy. The Jimmy continued as a member of the GMC lineup until 1991, when the full-size Jimmy was replaced by the Yukon. A compact version continued to boast the Jimmy name until it was replaced by the Envoy in 2002.

The idea behind the GMC Jimmy was to be an upscale corporate twin of the Chevy Blazer. Many GMC vehicles fulfill this spot in the market, being luxury-oriented versions of Chevy machines. As a result, the Jimmy shared the Blazer drivetrain and many other elements.

Teal GMC Jimmy in RussiaWhy was the GMC Yukon originally called the Jimmy?

The Jimmy name was chosen to reflect the sound of the letters “GM” when spoken aloud. This is similar to how the name Jeep was rumored to originate from the pronunciation of the letters “GP,” standing for “General Purpose.” This theory of the origin of the Jeep name is under debate.

What was the compact Jimmy?

The compact version of the Jimmy, known as the GMC S15 Jimmy, was introduced in 1983. The full-size Jimmy became the Yukon in 1992 in order to reduce confusion between the compact and full-size models.

In 1995, the compact Jimmy was redesigned, and the S15 designation was dropped. It continued in this manner until the Envoy took its place in 2002.

Is GMC bringing back the Jimmy?

Some have theorized that GMC may bring back the Jimmy as an answer to the wildly popular Jeep Wrangler and upcoming Ford Bronco. Truck-based SUVs are still thriving, after all, as suburban drivers enjoy basking in such models’ off-road aura. Whether GMC gets in on the party with the Jimmy, as of this writing, remains to be seen.

Of course, GMC is bringing back the Hummer as a 2022 EV. 

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