What does the 2020 GMC Terrain look like?

Black 2020 GMC Terrain exterior front/angled view.

2020 GMC Terrain Exterior Design

The question above may seem simple on the surface, but any connoisseur of automotive design knows it goes far deeper than it initially appears. Anyone can look at a picture of the 2020 GMC Terrain, or go down to a dealership and see one in person. But the real “look” of a vehicle is about more than its simple appearance.

A lot goes into the way a vehicle is designed each year. There’s a philosophy behind it, a litany of associations. We’re going to delve into the way GMC themselves describe the 2020 Terrain in order to understand just what they’re trying to convey with its appearance. In this way, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of what the 2020 GMC Terrain looks like.

After all, GMC advertises the vehicle as being for those who, “look at the familiar with a fresh, bold lens.”

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Rear end of a 2020 GMC TerrainFront Grille

GMC describes the 2020 Terrain as having a design that’s “bold.”  The grille, in particular, is singled out several times by the automaker for being “unmistakable” and “refined.” This vocabulary indicates a look that values uniqueness while also staying classy. GMC is innovating, but not going too far “out there.” This combination explains why the GMC is said to provide a strong and lasting first impression.

Color Options

The grille on the 2020 GMC Terrain is noted for being “powerful.” Along with bold, this is a popular way to describe crossover SUVs. This body type is made to exude strength. The 15.2-foot long body of the 2020 GMC Terrain can be adorned with nine different color options.


The headlamps on the 2020 Terrain are HID with signature C-shaped lighting. This again promises the buyer the vehicle is cutting-edge while simultaneously being unique in a cool way. Similar to the headlights up front, the LED taillamps are described as “signature” and “impactful.”

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Premium, Commanding and Innovative

Last but not least, the 2020 Terrain is described as being a “premium” looking vehicle that “commands attention.” As a GMC vehicle, the 2020 Terrain is also high-quality and refined.

Based on the vocabulary used to describe the 2020 GMC Terrain, we can conclude the vehicle is designed to look premium, strong, and unique. It’s meant to stand out and leave an impression in a positive fashion, innovating in ways that will leave onlookers awed while still letting them know that this is a high-quality vehicle.

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