What do I need to know before leasing a GM vehicle in Orlando, FL?

a woman in a car holding car keysFive frequently asked questions about leasing a GM vehicle in Orlando, FL 

What do I need to know before leasing a GM vehicle? The video below has the top five questions about leasing for you, or you can scroll down to view our transcribed version. Let us know if you have any questions and visit Carl Black Orlando to find your next lease vehicle in Orlando, FL. 

Top Lease Questions Answered | KEYS by GM Financial video on YouTube 

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Top five questions most asked about leasing a vehicle

What happens at the end of my lease?
Your options include: 

  • Return the leased vehicle to lease another vehicle  
  • Return the leased vehicle to purchase another vehicle 
  • Purchase your leased vehicle 
  • Return your leased vehicle with no replacement 

Why do I need a pre-inspection? 
The pre-inspection occurs within 90 days before your return of a leased vehicle. It lets you know about the condition of your vehicle and whether to expect extra fees for going over your mileage or excessive wear and tear. 

Will I owe anything at the end of my lease? 
At the end of your lease, you will need to pay out your lease contract, regardless of which route you go. You will be charged for excess wear and use of the vehicle. You will also be charged if you went over the agreed-upon mileage. 

What are my payment options? 
Your options include: 

  • Free and direct payments from your bank 
  • Free automatic payments with MyAccount 
  • Pay by debit, ATM, or credit card 
  • Pay by mail or phone 
  • Pay cash 

Am I responsible for fees like tools and tickets on my leased vehicle? 
Yes, you are responsible for any tolls, tickets, property taxes, or fees on your leased vehicle. 

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