Put Your Tax Refund to Good Use & Buy Yourself a New Chevy!

Keep everyone together under one roof in the all-new 2018 #Chevy #Traverse.

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Here at Carl Black Chevrolet Buick GMC of Orlando, we hope that all of our customers throughout the Sunshine State had a very Happy New Year and have been off to a great start of their 2018 so far.

Even though the building excitement and the celebrations surrounding the arrival of the new calendar year have now come and gone, 2017 still is not entirely out of our rearview mirrors just quite yet…

This is good news for those that may happen to be in the market for their next car, because we are of course referring to the 2017 tax refund that will be sent out over the next several upcoming months! Thanks to this large sum of well-deserved and hard-earned money that will soon be added to the savings in your bank account, the budget regarding your vehicle-purchasing process in the near future will certainly be made a whole lot bigger.

Shoppers residing in the greater Orlando region of Florida that are keen to get their hands on as much savings as possible should indeed take a good look at our compelling collection of bargain inventory that we are currently offering at our dealership!

Since all of these bargains possess a price tag of only $15,000 or less, and since you also will be receiving your tax refund soon, we have full confidence that you can find a perfect car here that is well-within even the most limited of budgets!

So why wait for your tax refund to arrive to start shopping? Visit us at Carl Black Chevrolet Buick GMC of Orlando today to start planning how to best spend your tax refund!