Is remote start legal in Florida?

A hand repeatedly attempts to remote start a vehicle while a police officer wonders if he should intervene.

Florida Remote Stars Laws and Regulations

Remote start is a convenient feature that many drivers have been flocking towards on new vehicles. However, idling one’s car unattended is actually illegal in some states. Can remote start systems legally be utilized in Florida?

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Florida has no existing anti-idling regulations. That means that remote start systems are perfectly legal to be used in Florida. Drivers who wish to cool their vehicle down on a hot Florida day so that it’s the perfect temperature for hopping inside can feel free to do just that. Thanks Florida gov!

GM Vehicles with Remote Start

Now that you know remote start is legal here in the Sunshine State, you may be looking for a vehicle that offers it. Well, look no further. Many GM vehicles come equipped with remote start systems, and we’ve got a huge selection in our new GM inventory!

Finger dangles over remote start button on an iPhone 4 RemoteLink app by a large Chevy logoHow does remote start work on GM vehicles?

GM vehicles can use remote start through the RemoteLink mobile app. Each GM brand has its own RemoteLink app variant; they’re known as “myChevrolet,” “myBuick,” “myGMC,” or “myCadillac,” respectively. The remote start feature will only work on vehicles equipped with the remote starter system.

Besides remote start, other functions of the OnStar Remote Link App include the ability to:

  • Lock and unlock the doors
  • Activate the horn and lights
  • Send directions to the vehicle
  • Locate your vehicle
  • Manage the vehicle’s Wi-fi hotspot
  • View vehicle diagnostics information

Do I need an OnStar plan in order to use RemoteLink?

Using the RemoteLink app does require an active OnStar plan. This can be the free Basic Plan or one of the paid subscriptions.

How do I start using the RemoteLink app?

To start using RemoteLink, one must download the corresponding app, create OnStar User ID and password, and log into RemoteLink.

Can I get RemoteLink for free with my new vehicle?

Free trials of the RemoteLink app features are sometimes offered with new vehicles. Contact us today to see if we’re currently offering anything of the sort!

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