What is the Chevrolet Teen Driver System?

Male teenager opening door of Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Teen Driver Safety Technology Feature Details

When shopping for a new Chevrolet one feature that you’ll come across more than once is the Teen Driver safety feature. Teen Driver is a standard feature found in many new Chevrolet models that helps keep teen drivers safe behind the wheel, whether it is their car or a parent’s. You may be wondering, though, what exactly the Chevrolet Teen Driver system is. Keep reading this Carl Black Orlando guide for a look at the Chevrolet Teen Driver safety technology feature details.

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Chevrolet Teen Driver Features Closeup of Chevrolet vehicle dashboard with "Buckle Seat Belt to Shift" prompt

With the help of the Teen Driver mode parents are able to monitor their children’s driving habits and further shape their development as a driver. Parents are able to register their child’s vehicle key fob so that when the teen driver uses their registered fob to start the vehicle the Teen Driver system is automatically engaged. When the vehicle is started Teen Driver mode goes straight to work by automatically muting the vehicle’s audio system until the driver and front passenger are both buckled in their seats and also keeping drivers from being able to shift their vehicle out of park until the driver’s seat belt is buckled. This safety system also gives parents the power to customize certain features and limits within the vehicle to help keep their teens safe out on the road. Parents can set a maximum volume limit for the audio system, set a speed warning at a selected speed, as well as set a maximum speed limit for the vehicle. In addition to the personalization settings within the system, Teen Driver provides parents with an in-vehicle report card that breaks down the driver’s performance each time they are on the road. Parents are able to see how far their teens drove, what their top speed was, how many speed warnings were given, and much more. By using the Teen Driver mode features in Chevrolet vehicles parents are able to better understand and shape how their teens drive when they are on the road by themselves.

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The Teen Driver safety feature is available on many new Chevrolet vehicles that can be found in the Carl Black Orlando online inventory. Shop our in-stock models to find the vehicle that is the right fit for you and your family. If you have additional questions about the Teen Driver system or other Chevrolet features, contact a member of the Carl Black Orlando team today.