2019 GMC Terrain vs 2019 Honda CR-V

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  • 2019 GMC Terrain

    A red 2019 GMC Terrain is shown from a front-side angle facing left.

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    2019 Honda CR-V

    A 2019 silver Honda CR-V is shown from a front-side angle facing right.

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    3Available Engines2
    Up to 252 HPHorsepowerUp to 190 HP
    203-260 lb-ftTorque179-180 lb-ft
    3,500 LBSTowing Capacity1,500 LBS

    Let’s take a look at the 2019 GMC Terrain vs the 2019 Honda CR-V. Representing the American and Japanese approach to the wildly popular crossover, these two cars have dominated the industry for years. But with each one being as popular as they are, you may be asking which crossover is the right fit for you.

    In this article, we will break down the finer points of these two crossovers to see which one provides more zip on the road and more bang for your buck. From horsepower to handling, from rims to sound systems, we’ll cover all the details of these all-purpose vehicles to decide once and for all which is the better choice.

  • Exterior

    This image features the front zoomed in view of a red 2019 GMC Terrain Denali, showcasing the exterior styling when comparing the 2019 GMC Terrain vs the 2019 Honda CR-V.

    First thing’s first, let’s talk about the thing everyone will immediately notice when you arrive in your new crossover. With a wide range of aesthetic options, both the CR-V and Terrain will suit just about any personal taste.

    GMC Terrain

    The mantra behind the GMC Terrain’s overall aesthetic is “sculpted to stand out.” This tagline means that GMC took every opportunity to design a car that looks great and stands apart from the competition.

    To start, the Terrain features a completely redesigned grille that sets a bold tone for the entire vehicle. Its assertive style and distinct GMC logo are the perfect accents for this exciting and unique crossover.

    The high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps sit within a unique c-shaped frame that further provide a unique sense of character to the Terrain’s profile. The bright HID lamps also work to cut through darkness, fog and any other visual impairments on the road. The Terrain’s taillights also feature the unique c-shaped frames to ensure that you look every bit as striking from the back as you do from the front.

    The Terrain’s combination of eight colors and three interior trims results in a total of 24 unique combinations that can make this vehicle all your own. Combine this with the countless add-ons, available 19’’ rims and more, and the possibilities for customization are almost endless.

    So, if the available options just aren’t for you, GMC has one more offering that might catch your eye. The Terrain Black Edition provides a unique injection of personality into the classic Terrain design. With 19’’ black wheels, tinted windows and blacked-out exterior details, this special edition vehicle is perfect for those who like to take pride in being discrete.

    Honda CR-V

    Right out of the gate, the 2019 Honda CR-V offers 10 electric and exciting colors to entice its buyers. Vibrant shades such as Crystal Black Peal, Molten Lava Pearl, and Platinum White Pearl help the CR-V to stand out from its competitors regardless of your choice.

    The front end of the CR-V boasts an innovative active shutter grille, which increases aerodynamics while you’re at high speeds; not to mention, it also looks great. The CR-V’s wide stance and available chrome exhaust tailpipes make this a vehicle that is as attractive enough for the streets and rugged enough for the great outdoors.

  • Interior

    The black and tan interior of the 2019 GMC Terrain is shown from a low angle in the passenger seat.

    With the outside of the cars out of the way, let’s open the doors and see what’s going on in the cabin. Both the GMC Terrain and the Honda CR-V offer a range of features and amenities to make your ride as comfortable as possible wherever you decide to go.

    GMC Terrain

    In designing the Terrain, GMC made it their mission to make every drive feel like a first-class experience. The combination of contemporary styling, premium materials, and intuitive controls will make every ride feel comfortable and luxurious.

    One of the first things you will notice when you sit behind the wheel of your new GMC Terrain is the intuitive button and switch-based transmission system. By transferring the gear function away from the traditional shifter and onto just a few convenient buttons, GMC was able to free up a significant amount of room and storage space in the front cabin.

    Other interior amenities include the available leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather-appointed front seats and soft-touch materials with genuine aluminum trim.

    The Terrain also offers an astounding amount of storage in the back for objects up to eight-feet long. Through a combination of lowering and adjusting your rear (and even passenger) seats, the Terrain can transform into a veritable cargo hold of space and possibility.

    Honda CR-V

    The CR-V’s interior also makes a point to provide a truly top-tier and luxurious driving experience. Some features you will find include leather trim, various other premium materials, and a display audio touch-screen.

    Above the steering wheel, the CR-V features a full digital readout that can provide any information you need regarding your vehicle. The Driver Information Interface also can keep you alert with its driver attention monitor; this audible and visual alert system detects drowsy behavior from the driver and alerts them accordingly.

    The CR-V also offers a variety of storage options to ensure that you can always accommodate what you need to bring along for the trip. A small example is the center console, which includes an adjustable parcel shelf that can slide into three positions and accommodate anything from a tablet to a large bag.

  • Performance

    The special edition 2019 GMC Terrain Black Edition is shown at night in front of a distillery.

    After looking both inside and outside the cars, it’s time to pop open the hood and see what kind of power these two can put out. Designed for a variety of driving scenarios, these crossovers mean business.

    GMC Terrain

    Let’s get right down to it: the GMC Terrain is the only vehicle in its class to come standard with a turbocharged nine-speed engine. This results in a zippy 170 horsepower and 203 lb-ft of torque. Coupled with its unparalleled towing capabilities and traction select system, the GMC Terrain is a true workhorse capable of taking on the smoothest tracks and toughest off-road terrains.

    Honda CR-V

    Featuring an inline four-cylinder standard engine, the baseline Honda CR-V will give you a formidable 184 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. Features such as the available real-time all-wheel-drive with intelligent control system provide excellent handling on rough roads and slippery conditions. Coupled with its dynamic sport mode, the Honda CR-V presents a highly capable and exciting ride.

  • Safety

    A dark grey 2019 GMC Terrain is parked outside of a modern house.

    Now let’s take a look at what is truly the most important: safety. Whether you’re driving on paved roads or rocky back roads, safety is always going to be a number one priority. Fortunately for drivers everywhere, Honda and GMC bring their decades of know-how and experience to every safety test they conduct.

    GMC Terrain

    The 2019 GMC Terrain employs countless technological features to make this one of their safest cars yet.

    The available adaptive cruise control uses a forward-looking camera to automatically adapt your speed in relation to the driver in front of you. Use this to always keep up with traffic and not have to worry about sudden stops in your lane. You can also use the front-facing camera to provide automatic braking at low speeds. So, the next time you’re inching forward in that parking spot, rest assured that you will stop right where you need to be.

    Lastly, it is certainly worth stating that in their assessment of the 2019 GMC Terrain, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration gave the vehicle a full five-star safety rating.

    Honda CR-V

    The CR-V also offers a suite of adaptive safety features in the form of Honda Sensing. These features include the collision mitigation braking system, road departure mitigation system, adaptive cruise control, and lane keeping assist system. All of these use Honda’s advanced technology to keep you safe and in-control regardless of what kind of situation you find yourself in.

    Unfortunately, the 2019 Honda CR-V does not currently have a safety rating from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, but it’s 2018 counterpart does have the full five stars. Feel free to do more research here to make sure that the 2019 CR-V is up to your specific safety standards.

    And the Winner Is…

    Now that we’ve broken down the specs between these two legendary crossovers, it’s easy to make the argument in favor of the GMC Terrain. With a higher available horsepower, standard turbocharged engine, superior towing capacity, and only a slightly higher MSRP, it’s hard to say no to GMC’s latest offering.

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